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“Karen and I have worked together on several projects over the past three years. She has great instincts as a Project Manager and small business owner. Karen has amassed a small, but fantastic group of professionals that support her business and mission. I find her organizational skills to be a great asset for me. I know that Karen will get the job done, thus resulting in success of the projects. Our clients are always pleased with our results”

Kathy Bornheimer
Owner, K.B. & Associates

Mission Critical Management Consulting

“Karen is by far the best well rounded consultant I could work with in more than one occasions during my last few years in the Global IT Delivery model . Her ability to comprehend the scope , provide strategic and tactical view to large or small RFP's is just outstanding. She is surrounded by some of the smartest people and she is well networked and active in the local IT and Business community. I highly recommend Karen for any type of Portfolio/Engagement and Program level management role that helps business for any type of technology enablement or business process improvements.”

Sunil Krishnan
Director, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Nonprofit Change Agency

“Karen has the unique ability to analyze and assess disparate elements of a universal problem and identify the key issues, possible goals and objectives, and suggestions to move toward a positive solution. Her analytical skills make her an asset to our foundation, especially because of its multiple goals and specific activities. Karen has never faltered in taking or in completing any task. She is one professional I would highly recommend.”

James E. Mullarkey
Director at National Biennial Symposium for Veterans

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